Abstracts of Deni hermana


By Yusuf Al Hadihaq, Deni hermana

The weak competitiveness both of micro and small group enterprises is caused by weak entrepreneurial literacy. Sustainability of business is on the economic aspects in small scale only. This study aims at identifying the relationship among literacy, business competitiveness and sustainability entrepreneurship. The study applies an inferential descriptive method of survey type. Research populations spread out in Bandung. Unit of  observation  are consisting of participants who learn literacy, literacy providers, and local entrepreneurs. Finding shows that Literacy entrepreneurial participants is limited. The ability to improve competitiveness is hampered because of a lack of resource availability and understanding of the structure of the garment industry and corporate governance. Economic, social, and environment have not been a focus among them. Factor  that have led to sustainability is literacy entrepreneurship. Competitive advantages and sustainability entrepreneurship behaviors change can be traced to change in literacy entrepreneurship.

Keyword key words: literacy entrepreneurship, competetive, sustainability, entrepreneurship
Topic Lifelong Learning in Education Policy