Abstracts of Arie Rakhmat Riyadi

Reflective-Collaborative-Mind Mapping as A Strategy for Comprehend the Concepts of Philosophy of Science in Adult Learning Environment

By Arie Rakhmat Riyadi and Cece Rakhmat

The study was motivated by the postgraduate student's low interest in studying philosophy, particularly the subject of philosophy of science. In fact at the postgraduate level, the subject is the foundation of the scientific epistemology in the field which they studied. This study offers an idea in the form of strategy by using reflective-collaborative-mind-mapping, so that the postgraduate students (in adult learning environment) can be facilitated in understanding the philosophy of science through group dialog, sharing idea, and develop critical thinking, by reflecting each thought collaboratively to comprehend the material. Using a conceptual literature study and Dhelpi method, this study resulted model of organizing and delivering instructional (teaching and learning) of the subject of philosophy of science in environmental postgraduate, which they are in the adult category.

Keyword Reflective, Collaborative, Mind-mapping, Adult, Postgraduate, Philosophy of Science.
Topic Lifelong Learning Innovation (Approach, Strategy, Method and Technique)