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Traditional Apprenticeship Patterns in Improving Entrepreneurial Community

By Mustakim

Abstract - The problem of unemployment and poverty that plagued the community is a crucial issue in the lives of the people of Indonesia. Unemployment was increasing, from year to year resulted in a growing number of Indonesian workers who are not absorbed in the world of work. The purpose of this study to determine how effective the activity patterns of the traditional apprenticeship in the life of the Indonesian people. The pattern of the traditional apprenticeship is a method of learning work that taught from one generation to the simple as well as knowledge transformation efforts within the family, community, and environment. This study uses a qualitative method in collecting data, with the subject apprentices, facilitators and tutors. The research result reflects the improvement of the entrepreneurial community in the garment business, especially in the knowledge of sewing, sewing skills, and mental attitude of entrepreneurship. In addition to improving insights in managing businesses confection as an effort to open their own business at home.

Keyword Keywords: Unemployment, Traditional Apprenticeship Patterns, Entrepreneurial Community.
Topic Implication The Concept of Lifelong Learning in Informal, Formal, and Non-Formal Education
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