Abstracts of Sri Handayani

Adventure Education Model Based the Natural Environment In Developing The Integrity of Youth

By Sri Handayani

Issues examined in this study is the decline in the integrity among the youth in this time,  because  of the weakening of sensitivity and social awareness of dynamics that occur in the environment. With the condition of the young man who thus becomes a concern of the nation to be able to create conditions condusive for the youth to give birth to a generation that has integrity and play an active role in development of the Indonesian nation.

Some grand theory the reference in this research, which are (1) outdoors  educational concept, (2) concept of adventure education, (3) The concept of character, (4) the concept of Integrity. (5) The concept of social learning and (6) Learning knowledge scaffolding. As method research used in this research is mix method research model sequential explanatory (of models the order argumentation), where at an early stage use quantitative methods nest furnished with the methods qualitative and was in  nature connecting. Meanwhile, data collection is done through observation, interviews, documentation and questionnaire study.

The study concluded that the lack of integrity in youth can be developed through an alternative educational adventure through (1) the stage basic: conditioning, liquefaction, the formation stages of practice: maturation and deposition (2) The linkage relationship factors educational aspects of adventure-based natural environment can be character education by improving the quality of human (especially integrity) to develop the four basic abilities that adventure skills knowledge and technical skill; physical fitness skills; human skill and skill environment and made an emphasis on the attitude of awareness (consciousness) and the attitude of respect (respect) the ability of human skills in the learning process. (3) The adventure-based education model of the natural environment can be developed in the development of the integrity of the youth, with the involvement of elements of education and training.    

Based on the results of research studies on educational adventures that can be used in the development of human values by optimizing the connectedness of each component in the ability of the basic skills of adventure.

Keyword Outdoor Education, Adventure Education, Awareness, Respect, Nonformal Education, knowledge and technical skill, physical fitness skills, human skill , skill environment
Topic Lifelong Learning Innovation (Approach, Strategy, Method and Technique)