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Cooperative Learning in Extension of Participatory Agriculture

By Nataliningsih

Cooperative learning or the learning of mutual cooperation is one method of learning is done by dividing the responsibility to work together on the task in achieving its objectives. Cooperative learning in formal learning activities is often implemented in study groups or lab, but in non-formal learning activities, especially agricultural extension has not been done, therefore it is necessary to study the implementation of cooperative learning in participatory agricultural extension. The method used is a qualitative approach, by taking purposively, research carried out in Pangalengan, Bandung regency in potato cultivation farmer groups. Conclusion of The study shows agricultural extension participatory process followed by cooperative learning method produces learning activities that fit their needs and fully followed by all participants of extension. The behaviors transformation after counseling showed 6 (54.54%) said it will produce revenue in the processing chips of potato. The improvement of potato chips is 69.74% in each production. Suggestions submitted, should be submitted to potato farming communities, namely potato chips processing technology to increase revenue, need further development to large-scale production processes with better technology.

Keyword Keywords: Cooperative learning, non-formal education, participation methode, change in attitudes, increased revenue.
Topic Implication The Concept of Lifelong Learning in Informal, Formal, and Non-Formal Education
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