Abstracts of Fike Taufik

The urban social transformation through the neighborhood development

By Fike Taufik Yulizar Riftriandri

The neighborhood development or ND program was designed and given to a territory as a form of appreciation when the community has been able to through the stage process of change toward an independent community. This research aimed to know about social transformation of urban community through ND program in the study of the program community empowerment. The research was conducted using a qualitative analysis with case study method, through observation. In order to conduct a more in-depth analysis, four participants interviewed. The research showed that the implementation of the program exercised by BKM as a rewards for BKM categorized succeeded in carrying out activities. result showed the change of the level of public awareness and increase community insights to participate in their regional development, as well as make the community learn a lot about institutional, leadership and management of community.

Keyword neighborhood development, social transformation, participatory
Topic Issues and Challenge of Lifelong Learning (in Economic, Sociocultural, and Environmental Perspective
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