Abstracts of Sardin Supriatna

Impact of Parenting Quality in the Family to Children's School Readiness (Study at Bandung District)

By Sardin

This study aimed to described the impact of parenting in the family to the children’s school readiness. The study was motivated by a vision of the society that children’s school readiness is determined more by the involvement of children in early childhood education institutions, although the number of hours spent most of the children in their lives with the family. Therefore, this study aims to describe and analyze the various forms of care in the family and its impact on children’s school readiness. In particular the study analyzed; 1) the quality of education in the family who have early childhood; 2) the readiness of early childhood kindergarten children; and 3) the impact of varying quality education of children in the family to the school readiness of kindergarten children.

This Research conducted a survey of families who have young children (kindergarten) in Bandung by respondents as many as 378 families selected by the sampling area.

The study concludes that families provide a vital role building of children’s school readiness. This is shown by; 1) the quality of education in the family is affected by various factors such as; the work of parents, parents age, place of residence of parents, parental involvement in early childhood institutions, and perceptions of parents about their children; 2) children’s school readiness have different views from; age and place of residence, and 3) children's school readiness is significantly affected by the quality of care that occurs in the family.

Keyword early childhood education, school readiness, parenting, family
Topic Implication The Concept of Lifelong Learning in Informal, Formal, and Non-Formal Education