Abstracts of Nike Kamarubiani

Teaching Experience of Teachers on the Application of the Principles of Andragogy in Parenting Education Program

By Nike Kamarubiani

This research was motivated by the importance of the role of parents in early childhood intervene. But the reality of his intervention is still not optimal, from a preliminary study of this is due to participation of parents in parenting education activities is still lacking. It could be because the teacher as facilitator of parenting education programs are still not applying the principles of andragogy in learning approaches, so that parents are less actively participate in learning.
The purpose of this study was to determine the factors that affect the application of the principles of Andragogy of the effectiveness of parenting education program, either directly or indirectly.

The approach taken was quantitatively using cross sectional survey. This study uses a sample with a sample of 163 teachers who have passed the advanced level training spread over 30 districts.

The conclusion of this study, an experienced teacher who is able to optimize the learning process by placing participants as adults, who have the experience and self-concept are different from each other.

From the conclusion of the framework of this study statistical model line, appeared proposition, that: "the more experienced to teach an early childhood teacher, the higher the application of the principles of andragogy, making parenting education program will be more effective"

Keyword Teacher Teaching experience, Principles of Andragogy, and Parenting Educational Program
Topic Implication The Concept of Lifelong Learning in Informal, Formal, and Non-Formal Education