Abstracts of Arief Rahmana

Training Needs Analysis: A Way for Developing an Effective Training

By Arief Rahmana and Mustofa Kamil

Training needs analysis (TNA) can be considered as the process of identifying and gathering data to determine what training needs exist based on performanced gap, so that training can be developed to help the organization accomplish its objective. TNA was very useful as a fundamental to the success of training program. Without conducting need analysis, effective training can’t be achieved and organization run the risk of overdoing training, doing too little training or missing the point completely. The main stage to TNA involves a number of logical steps: identify problem needs, determine design of need analysis, collect data, analysis data, and provide feedback. This paper hopes to contribute to the body of knowledge on TNA by developing conceptual framework, which provide guidelines for TNA implementation in training program.


Key words: Training Need Analysis, Performance Gap, Training Program

Keyword Training Need Analysis, Performance Gap, Training Program
Topic Lifelong Learning in Education Policy