Abstracts of Eko Sulistiono

The Role of Single Father in Child Education: A Study in Bengkulu

By eko sulistiono

The divorce rate in various regions of Indonesia is getting higher year in year out. This is particularly worrying for the sake of nation and family wellbeing. Currently the fundamental issue is not about why the parents divorced but the most important thing is as to how the handling, care, or parenting for the children is given by the divorced parents. Family has an important role in child education, because children naturally acquire great influence from the family members at home, wherein those moments are as crucial and critical for them. Errors or failure in parenting, in terms of the provision of educational stimuli, would be fatal to a child’s life in the future. Built upon the background, this study aims to analyse the implementation of educational stimulation on children by single fathers who have been implementing single parenting pattern for more than four years. A case study with qualitative approach was employed in this study. This is an educational research that focused on the provision of educational stimulation by single parents in the main family, in situation which the father was the head of family that was unaccompanied by a wife. The data analysis was conducted by analysing the EMIC in triangulation and ethical analysis (interpretation) based on the analysis of the author associated with the relevant theory. The issues examined in this study were derived from the background cases of the imbalance in family units due to the lack of important or crucial figure in the main family. The data collection and data analysis resulted in seventeen responsibilities of parents to their children, seven educational methods to be applied, four moral education values in the family, and five educational tools to employ in family-based education.

Keyword single parents, education, child parenting
Topic Implication The Concept of Lifelong Learning in Informal, Formal, and Non-Formal Education