Abstracts of Irfan Ardiansyah

PROMOTION OF STREET CHILDREN (Descriptive Study in Schools Quiz)

By Irfan Ardiansyah

Street child is its problem or phenomenon that requires special attention to all elements of the community, because children are an investment of the future for the nation. Besides the street children is an asset that countries should be empowered, treated and educated so that the quality of resources becomes higher. The life of the street children is very different from other children, whom full with hard work, full of sweat and tired. 

We should examine more in depth about how construction such as what must be done to deal with the street children and strategies or development pattern as what must be done.

Conceptually, basis construction and education in the development of street children have been done by the institutions that are concerned for the improvement of the generation of the nation. Formal school that uses the uniform with hours of learning and the curriculum that has been specified is very difficult accepted by the street children who must work to help the economy of the family. 

As a result, street children should lose the rights of education to go to school and were forced to leave her ideals with work, for economic reasons such as parents are not able to bear the costs of school, especially to buy books, buy uniforms and other school needs. Poor children are at risk to grow as the low educated even illiterate so that they will become the poor the future that has the potential to be lost generation or the generation that lost.

Topic Lifelong Learning in Education Policy