Abstracts of Wasmin S.Pd. M.Pd

Hypnoparenting Training to Improve Ability of Parents on Parenting in Bandung Anak Langit Foundation

By Wasmin, S.Pd M.Pd

The study, entitled "Pelatihan Hypnoparenting dalam Meningkatkan Kemampuan Orang Tua tentang Pola Asuh di Yayasan Anak Langit Bandung", a study on the training activities for the parent, in learning process inserts hypnosis techniques. Hypnoparenting an alternative model that targets the subconscious mind, which is a source of emotional constraints parents. This emotional constraints make the parents are not able to implement effective parenting on children, even though they already know what to do. This experiment was conducted on participants and managers hypnoparenting training organized by Yayasan Anak Langit Bandung. On training, the knowledge of the true concept of parenting still be given, but more to discuss constraints emotional in subconscious mind of participants. This study aims to get a concrete picture hypnoparenting training in planning, implementation, evaluation, training, and mentoring pattern participants after the training at Yayasan Anak Langit Bandung. Basic theory of this study is the position of informal education (family) within the scope of school education, training management theory includes planning, implementation, and training assessment, theory of hypnosis, theories about parenting, and theories about coaching-counseling. This study used a qualitative descriptive method to be able to explore and understand the meaning that it has in reality on the ground from a social-community problems. The process of observation, interviews, and documentation on the object of study is a technique in this study, to explore the information that is needed to get concrete results. The results of this study provide information on (1) Planning, training plan is not conducted in full accordance with the planning steps that should have been in training. Planning process of training left entirely to the speaker. (2) Implementation, the speakers look really play a key role in the successful implementation of the TANDUR model namely (T), Tumbuhkan, this collision interests of participants at the beginning of learning by ice breaking and other ways, (A) Alami, experience before naming concept with cases of effective parenting and less effective. (N) Namai, named concept is to give the concept of parenting in this training is given the concept of authoritative parenting, (D), Demonstrasikan, demonstrating to further clarify understanding, (U), “Ulangi-ulangi”, re-repeat to plug the concept and (R), Rayakan, celebrated for tether concept to remember longer. (3) Evaluation, this training was minimal in terms of both content and context, just discovered the existence of testominials by participants. (4) Assistance, provision after the training excellent views of the pattern of GROW ie (G), Goal, to remind the nature of parenting goals, (R), Reality, to describe objective problems in the family which involves the emergence of emotions parents, (O), Option, for thrusting a variety of alternative solutions and (W), Will, ask for a commitment to implement the chosen solution. Thus, the inability of parents in implementing effective parenting that due to emotional problems can be helped through hypnoparenting training held regularly by Yayasan Anak Langit Bandung.


Keyword Pelatihan, Hypnoparenting, pola asuh
Topic Lifelong Learning Innovation (Approach, Strategy, Method and Technique)