The impact of the implementation of Parenting Education in Inclusive School X

By Hari Wahyu Kurniawan

This research is the study of the impact of the implementation of parenting education for parents of children in the inclusive schools X. The question in this research is the "How the impact of parenting education in inclusive schools X?". The collection of data in this research is using questionnaires, observation and interview. Analysis of the data in this research is with reduction data, presentation of data, and the withdrawal of the conclusion. The results of the study showed there are some benefits felt by the parents after the student will be guided parenting education. In Addition benefit of the implementation parenting education also felt teachers in the inclusive schools. So, it can be concluded that parenting education give positive impact on the parents and teachers in inclusive schools X.

Keyword parenting education, inclusive school
Topic Implication The Concept of Lifelong Learning in Informal, Formal, and Non-Formal Education