Abstracts of Intan Purnama Dewi


By Intan Purnama Dewi, S.Pd Prof. Dr. Ishak Abdulhak, M.Pd & Dr. Yanti Shantini, M.Pd

Family education has a significant role in shaping the character, attitudes and behavior of children. parents knowledge about appropriate parenting for children is very important because of the role of parents is to nurture, guide and educate children. in family education for shaping the character, attitudes and behavior of children, children environment has to give good influence for children, so that children get used to things that are positive. 

For that reason enhancing parents knowledge about parenting and how the efforts of parents and their other family members in fostering a child to grow and develop excellent character become an major thing to learn. 

Study of family education can be developed from the concept of family education and the character of the child. family education provides education to enhance the development of moral and religious values, social, emotional, language, cognitive and motor development of children. these family education efforts in the years to encourage the growth of children. character formation of children should start from the family, because the family is the primary growth and development for children. then the need for family education to shape the character, because character of children depending on the environment and parents upbringing given to children   


Keyword parenting, forming character,
Topic Implication The Concept of Lifelong Learning in Informal, Formal, and Non-Formal Education