Abstracts of Putri Hardiani


By Putri Hardiani



Children is an important asset for the progress of a nation. Therefore, every citizen is obligated to follow the elementary education. So that the achievement of quality education and of course the quality of education must already meet the standard that has been established. lot of ECD Institutions in Indonesia which has not met the ECD implementation standards that have been set by the government. This can be seen from quality OF the infrastructure, the competency of educators and manager in ECD Education institutions which not adequate.

This paper will be focused on developing quality of ECD Intitution. The concept underlying the background comprises the concept of education, early childhood dann concept of quality management organization of early childhood.

In practice, the management of early childhood education requires a variety of management functions, which consists of planning, organizing, and monitoring. Wilyani (2015, pp.145-150).

The success of the implementation of ECD Education institutions Involves various parties namely the contribution of the parents in include his son from an early age on ECD Institutions, the professionalism of the educators and managers of ECD, controlling ECD supervisors.

Topic Quality Assurance of Lifelong Learning Program