Abstracts of Dewi Nilam Tyas


By Dewi Nilam Tyas, Rina Vitdiawati, Rini Nusantari

Promiscuity and teenage sexual abuse are the reflection of moral decreasing in Indonesian students. Those issues are triggered because teenagers misuse the technology and information and society still considers sexuality as a taboo subject. On most of school in Indonesia, comprehension and subjects about sexuality is limited only on structure and function reproduction organ. In fact, sex education is related with teenage moral quality. It is our responsibility to increase teenage moral quality.

This paper which is written by using literature study approach propose an idea that is called as among method employing technique Tut Wuri Handayani to integrate sex education in school, family, and society as the trinity of education(tripusat pendidikan). The method can be applied for teacher especially for senior high school teacher during learning process of reproduction system on Biology subject. This method that is adapted from Ki Hajar Dewatara’s concept synchronizes knowledge which is constructed by students from many resources and then compiled into a science as a basic guidance to undergo life in good manner. Through this method that so called lifelong learning, the student will develop their knowledge over and over again since they do practical science not just recital the concept. The technique of Tut Wuri Handayani  is implemented on trinity of education which are giving, guiding, and supervising reproduction education and teenage sexual behavior related with norm applied on the society. The application of this method can be a new way for teachers and parents to communicate and supervise the development of knowledge, behavior, and character of their children that are related with reproduction education and understanding. 

Keyword lifelong learning, innovation,”among” method
Topic Lifelong Learning in Education Policy