Abstracts of Yuniar Fajar Perdhana

Indonesian Learners' Perspective towards Massive Open Online Courses Platform as a Lifelong Learning Media

By Yuniar Fajar Perdhana

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) platform, as an implementation of information and communication technology in education, has received much attention for its potentials to solve the problems of quality and access to education faced by developing countries, including Indonesia. Considering the needs for lifelong learning that become a necessity for countries to be competitive in the global knowledge economy era, MOOCs offer various courses from reputable institutions to a huge number of learners to learn anytime and anywhere during their lifespan, as long as they can access the course through internet. However, MOOCs’ learners in developing countries often face several difficulties related to internet access, language, as well as computer literacy. This paper aims to confirm, from the perspective of Indonesian learners, the claim that MOOCs platform is a suitable media to be used within lifelong learning activities for learners in developing countries. The research uses web-based questionnaire to gather MOOCs learners’ opinions, and the data gathered were analyzed using descriptive method. The result shows that Indonesian learners find MOOCs platform as a suitable lifelong learning media for learners in developing countries, but several factors need to be considered to engage learners and minimize dropouts during the course periods.

Keyword E-learning, Massive Open Online Courses, Lifelong Learning, Learners' Perspective, Information and Communication Technology
Topic ICT for Lifelong Learning Program